Please gather the following information before contacting us so we can provide you with the most accurate advice & price:

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What is your address suburb or town?

What problem do you want the film to manage?

What is the height and width of the glass in mm? Please measure each individual piece of glass as shown in the diagram below.

Is the window double or single glazed?

Is the window sealed by rubber timber or silicone?

Where is the window located? (Lounge, bedroom, internal,  stairwell, door etc).

What direction does the window face? North, South, East, West? Not sure-No worries.What time of the day is the sun on the glass?

Can the top of the window be reached from standing on the ground or is a ladder requiered ?

Is anything obstructing the window eg. lounge, bookshelf, desk, other ?

Is there any old film to be removed from the window?


How soon do you want the work completed?

If responding via email please also provide a contact phone number as it may be best to discuss the job on the phone.

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