Q. Is window film an effective alterantive to double glazing?
A. Yes, recent innovations & advancements in window film technology has lead to the devlopment of Low E window films which can match & out preform the comfort & savings gained by double glazing. Premium quality Low E films are optically clear, approximetely 1/3 the cost of double glazing & are installed to your exsisting glass.


Q. Does window film have to be dark to be effective?


A. No, At Window film innovations we love a light filled room.

We stock

films that are effective at reducing summer heat, glare, uv, fading and retaining winter warmth without darkening a room. These optically clear"Canberra friendly" films are perfect for our changeable seasons.









Q. How does tinting my home save money?


A. By saving energy. Appllying window film innovations films to glass reduces summer heat and retains winter warmth thus reducing the amount of energy needed to run cooling and heating systems. Reducing a homes energy consumption save's you money on your energy bills.

Q. Is window film installed on the inside or the outside of the glass?


A. Window film is installed on the inside of your glass in most situations. External window films are used when practical.

Q. Can you tint unusally shaped windows ?

A. As a rule if we can reach it, we can tint it! 

Some window locations & shapes mean blinds & other window furnishings aren't practical. Window film innovations films offer a perfect solution for these weird & wonderful windows.

Q. Can you tint double glazed windows?


A. Yes, there are films available that can safely and effectively be installed to double glazed windows.


Q. Can window film stop people looking into my home? 


A. Yes. Privacy films allow you to look from the inside out, easily, while stoping others looking from the outside in during the day.

Privacy films can be Reflective or non- reflective.

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